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While things didn't work out for their characters, the two fell in love on set."This is a pretty spectacular moment for us, to be able to come to this movie that we met on and fell in love making," Chris said at the film's 2011 premiere (it was delayed for years due to scenes showing heavy cocaine use among young adults).The good thing so far about this season is that basically nothing is getting spoiled on social media, unless you include what Fleiss is doing (more on that later).However, we’re on episode 5 now, and outside of Jo Jo’s 1-on-1 with Luke Pell last week at the Dan Shay concert, there haven’t been any social media sightings of the show.” “Well you just don’t hang out with them together,” says Lawrence. So you just tell your friends to go hang out with them and you just don’t do it together.” Pratt adds, “Sometimes when you break up you have to just let that person have people in their camp who are going to support their hatred of you,” Listen to Faris’ full podcast here.“I don’t think anybody needs to keep someone from friends. When it comes to being an actor, there are plenty of things one must share sometimes – including a husband.Though Anna Faris is lucky enough to have husband Chris Pratt on lock down in real life, she has had no choice but to share with two Hollywood superstars: Aubrey Plaza and Jennifer Lawrence.

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They can grow, learn, and even become champions for what is right and good. I believe the writers were trying to start Mon-el as the exact opposite of a hero. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris brought joy to our lives for years with their adorable relationship, sweet red carpet moments, and normal family life with their son, Jack.